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Guide to the wallpaper upload

Where can I upload my wallpapers?
For uploading wallpapers go to the following page: Wallpaper Upload . Once there, enter a title and description for your image. Then either choose your 4/3 or 16/10 photo, both formats are possible too. Then press the button "Upload Wallpaper" and your image/your images will be uploaded. When the upload is complete, a message box is displayed. If this box is green, the upload was successful and was accomplished without error. You can trace your photos HERE "track", ie you can see whether the image is rejected or accepted!
A red message means that an error has occurred and the upload was not successfully. The following error messages are possible:

1.) The image format is not correct:
The uploaded image does not have the correct 4/3 and 16/10 format! For better understanding here is an example:
To upload a picture in 4/3-Format, this image has the resolution 3200 * 2600. Now try to upload, but this fails with the error message that the format does not match with the right 4/3 format!
So what is the 4/3 format? It means that the resolution of your image when you divide the two numbers, just brings the same result as would be divided as 4 by 3.
-> 4 by 3 = 1.333333333333333 ...
The resolution in this example is 3200 * 2600.
So we devide 3200 by 2600: The result is 1.2397692 ...., therefore NOT 1.333333333333333 ..., and thus no valid 4/3 format.
Here would be a suitable format 3200*2400, because that is 3200 by 2400 = 1.333333333333333 ...!
2.) The image is too small / too large:
If your image is smaller than 40 KB, the image is not a high resolution image, so it is not allowed. The opposite is an image that is greater than 5 MB.
3.) The resolution of the image is too small: product The minimum resolution of an image is 1920*1200.
The picture is not an image format:
If you have tried to upload something else than JPG or. JPEG files the upload will fail

uploaded successfully, but where is my photo?
The image is of course, first tested in terms of quality and design! Of course, only good-quality images are put online, usually within 5 to 20 days.

How do I know if my photo is online?
In the user menu (Menu -> Account -> User menu), there is the link "Pic-tracking", where you can control which images is online or rejected.
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