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by Macindows, 16.10.2009  |  User-Website

Aufgenommen im Flugzeug über den Schweizer Alpen. Ich habe das Bild nur gering in Photoshop bearbeitet um z.B. die Reflektionen des Fensters zu entfernen. Dann noch ein wenig Color Correction und Levels. Enjoy!

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by Macindows, 27.09.2009  |  User-Website

I hope you enjoy this wallpaper. May it enlighten your desktop and brighten up your day!

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Tulip Race

by Macindows, 01.05.2009  |  User-Website

Spring is in the air! Taken in Green Park, London.

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Bridge to Manhatten

by Macindows, 04.11.2008  |  User-Website

Brooklyn Bridge, New York. The view from there is just amazing! Especially if its the first time ever in New York. (However, definitely not the last time!)

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Der Herbst is da!

by Macindows, 18.10.2008  |  User-Website

Summer certainly flew by and while I occasionally wish we had just one more month to squeeze in, I realized that since my fingers are almost frozen, autumn definitely arrived!

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The Spectrum of the Sky

by Macindows, 08.10.2008  |  User-Website

How various the colors of the sky can be shows this wallaper I created from nine of my favorite shots since 2008. Enjoy!

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